Data Analytics

We have extensive experience in data analysis, reporting, insight, and modelling. We are accustomed to handling large data sets within various analytic and visualization tools. We can convert data into actionable insights through visualizations.

Research and Collection of Data

  • Quantitative Market Research
  • Qualitative Market Research (including research/survey design and fieldwork)
  • Clean data to remove outliers and noise
  • Customer segmentation
  • Bench-marking


  • Extract insights from data
  • Trend analysis,
  • Sensitivity analysis,
  • Diagnostic analysis,
  • Predictive analysis,
  • Cluster analysis,
  • Regression analysis,
  • Pareto analysis, etc.

Visualizations and presentation

  • Dashboards and executive summaries
  • Designing & developing advanced reports including:
  • KPI’s,
  • Heatmap,
  • Waterfall,
  • Tree map,
  • Histogram, etc.
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